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San Antonio Industrial Market Moves in Lockstep with National Trends


While industrial was a preferred investment prior to the pandemic, the impacts of COVID-19 have further cemented the property type's place as the favorite asset class among investors [...]

Zoning OK'd for 86-acre industrial park in Georgetown; Titan Development to build on spec

Biz Journals

Another class A industrial park will be built along the State Highway 130 corridor after Titan Development Ltd. won zoning approval from the city of Georgetown [...]

The Economy and You: Titan Raises Equity for Second Real Estate Fund

Albuquerque Journal

A New Mexico commercial real estate developer recently raised nearly $100 million in private equity – but not in the sector you might be picturing [...]

Titan Development amasses $95M to throw at red-hot industrial sector in Central Texas, elsewhere


TDREF II LLC has secured $95 million in commitments, which will translate to $300M in development including some portion for industrial in Austin and San Antonio [...]

Most Multifamily Investors Are Targeting Smaller Metros Now


Investors are following the recent renter migration patterns, with 75.8% of multifamily investment happening outside of major metros last year [...]

Lincoln Property Co. plans more large warehouses in Pflugerville, a hot spot for industrial projects


With manufacturers flocking to Central Texas and distribution giants such as Amazon continuing to lease up space, industrial is the region's hottest real estate asset class[...]

Pandemic creating insatiable appetite for warehouse space in Austin


Real estate pro: COVID-19 advanced e-commerce by at least a decade, a boon to industrial development [...]

Most resilient asset classes identified are industrial and multifamily by CBRE


"I think the two asset classes that are going to be most resilient are industrial and multifamily" [...]

Rents on the rise in metro Albuquerque


A study from RealPage, a Texas-based company that provides data analysis and other services for the real estate industry, noted that rents across Metro Albuquerque have risen 5% in the past year, the 12th-largest jump [...]

Here are the 10 cities experiencing the highest rent increases in 2019


Here’s the list of the top ten cities with the steepest rent increases from number ten to one. Sacramento, California, Fort Worth, Texas, Long Beach, California, Cleveland, Ohio, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Fort Wayne, Indiana[...]

These will be the best multifamily markets in 2020 according to CBRE


Multifamily vacancy nationwide is expected to rise slightly as developers keep up the rapid pace of building set over the last few years[...]


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